To my readers,

My lust for life is a platform from which I intend to share my favorite, most passionate, and eventful moments in life. Be it my travels, my restless hunt for good food, my moments of deepest inspiration, and almost always frozen in time with every captured photograph. Basically anything to break away from the superficial, constant, day in day out kind of life. It is my intention to rekindle the flame of those passions buried deep under the burden of responsibilities, or simply to take you with me on my search for the extra ordinary.

It will be fulfilling to be able to share to a wider audience, my experiences as I paint them with my words. And I hope that you may find as much pleasure in browsing around, as I have in writing them.


If in any way you felt moved, elated, encouraged, inspired, dissatisfied, or *bleep*, feel free to post comments. I impose a strict democracy in my website, will tolerate foul language as long as you hide a few letters in @#$%^. Now let me take you in to my adventures of past present and the future and hold on for the ride.


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