Getting to know my wife more in her pregnancy


It was a beautiful sunny day for a garden wedding. While waiting for Mavi, my wife, to walk down the aisle, smiling faces all around with a few tears of joy rolling here and there, I was sure and beyond any doubt that I am marrying the right woman. She is God fearing, hopeful, positive and bright. I love her and we were ready to face what life has to offer with God in the middle.

The wedding fiasco eventually winded down each week that passed. We finally left to ourselves and went on our honeymoon as we celebrated our new life together. I enjoyed all our conversations and it was nice to have her alone for once after those busy weeks prior to our wedding.

Straight out of a story book, God blessed us and I brought home a pregnant wife. I was so ecstatic when she showed me the result and instinctively shared this wonderful news to our elated families. Full of excitement, I started to read What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

I wanted to know and take part in everything Mavi is to go through. The first three months are to be special, I read in passing. Special is an understatement. Special does not even come close. While she is going through her first three months, one can imagine all those changes happening inside her body. All those hormones fluctuating in her body translate to severe mood swings, difference in her usual preferences, and my favorite, the desire to always be together.

It was difficult at first. We stay at home all day because nausea (the enemy) attacks unpredictably like a thief in the night. I was guilty of being physically there while my mind wanders off to all the opportunities of the outside world.  One day, after having memorized, cleaned, organized and reorganized the four corners of our room and everything in it, I decided to observe my wife and her struggles.

I discovered this new person who suddenly does not enjoy chocolates. I learned how to take part in her love for Cinema One, or her new habit of waking up later in the morning. We held hands for support or a gentle arm massage when it permitted. We rush to get dressed and eat out on those blessed moments she felt good, only to rush home, when the enemy makes its presence. But what I found that I enjoyed most of all, is to bask in the glorious feeling of just being wanted to be next to her.

In her first three months, I am learning how to just spend time with Mavi. I now consider this a special time to bond with Mavi before we welcome a third member and become an official family. Thanks to this serendipity, I now know and love this new side of my wife even more. What I thought was a sacrifice on my part turned out to be a blessing.

To God be all the glory!